Cable Internet –

• Power, DS, US and Online lights should be lit solid (either yellow or green). “Link” light present. Before calling the help desk because off loss of connectivity, verify that the lights on the modem are in this state.

• If lights are normal and you still do not have connectivity, please try the following:

– Unplug both the modem and the router from the power for 30 seconds- Plug the Arris or Motorola modem in first

• Then plug in the wireless device and wait approximately 2 minutes, then check the internet connection.

If still no connectivity, you can also try the following:

– Try connecting directly to the modem, if possible. Unplug the power to the Arris, or Motorola modem first. Then unplug the ethernet cable from the router to your device and plugging that cord directly into the ethernet port on the Arris or Motorola modem depending on which one your have. Once you make this connection, plug power back into the modem.

If the above steps are not successful, please contact our help desk at (440) 593-7140.