Below is a list of the current roads where we have Fiber Internet available. If you don’t see your road, don’t worry, we are adding new areas all the time!

16th St. – from Buffalo to Mill
Brandon Dr.
Buffalo – from slow tracks to Liberty St
Buffalo – from fast tracks to the lake
Burrington Heights
Bushnell Rd – East of Rt 7
Carl – from Buffalo to Mill
Center Rd – from CLYO creek to Rt 84
Dean Ave – from Buffalo to Mill
Edgewood Dr
Furnace – from Bessemer RR to South Ridge Rd
Grifton Ave
John Ave
Lake Rd – from 1240 to N. Kingsville line
Lake Rd – from Buffalo to Wrights Ave
Leamur Dr
Leith Walk & Leith Walk Ext
Liberty – from Harbor to Chestnut
Main St – from Harbor to Chestnut
Mill St – from fast tracks to the lake
Mill St – from slow tracks to Liberty
Old Mill Rd
Parrish Rd. – from bridge to Parrish south of Rt 20 to dead end
Pearl St – from Buffalo west to Township Park
Point Pleasant
Prately Blvd
Residence – from Buffalo to Mill
Richardson Rd – between Middle & Stateline
Robb Rd
Rt 20 – from Parrish Rd to Center St (not including Center St)
Salisbury Rd
Sandusky – from slow tracks to Liberty
Sandusky – from fast tracks to the lake
South Parrish Rd
South Ridge – from Center to Furnace
Spring St – from Grandview to Center St
State – from Harbor to Chestnut
State Line Rd – from Pitts Rd to Calhoun
Tony Dr
Wrights – from Cemetary to Madison
Wrights – from Lake Rd to the lake